Last week it was reported that Martin Scorsese was set to produce a Joker origin movie for Warner Bros., and today The Hollywood Reporter is back with more details.

THR lets it be known that Martin Scorsese’s deal isn’t signed yet, but that Warner Bros. is hoping to get the Oscar winner on board to lure one of his muses to the project: none other than Leonardo DiCaprio. Warner Bros. wants this project to be a bonafide hit and landing DiCaprio or another A-lister would promise that. Leo portraying the role as a gritty crime boss in a Scorsese-esque Gotham underworld would peak anyone’s interest, but theres one problem, they already have a clown prince of Gotham.

According to reports Jared Leto who recently donned the Jokers infamous clown make-up is livid. Leto is getting his own Joker spin-off movie with Margot Robbie, and will appear in Gotham City Sirens. So as you can imagine Leto was caught off guard by the news of WB wanting another actor playing The Joker. Leto is said to have made his displeasure with the notion of multiple Jokers known to his CAA agents, and rival agency WME has been using the concern to court him.” This isn’t the only issue coming out of the Warner Bros. camp, there is also uncertaincy with Ben Affleck’s future as Batman in future films as well. Hopefully WB gets all of these rumors and reports under control, because Marvel is killing right now.