Three years is a lifetime for some artists. Hell, some singers achieve a chart topping single and disappear in less time than that. But for eclectic duo J*Davey — time means nothing.

When it’s all about the music and nothing else, fans are willing to wait for such talents as Jack Davey and Brook D’Leau. The group may have stepped away from he lime light for several years, however, they’re now picking up right where they left off.

“For an artist idle time is deadly,” vocalist Jack says about their return to music. “This song describes that angst, and the space between where you are now and where you desperately want to be…. in life, love, career, and status.”

J*Davey just launched their new music video for “Strong Anticipation” (Available on iTunes) with, and is also working with emerging social media platform Fyuse for their roll out.

Producer Brook says the video and song were both ’80s inspired and they had Donna Summer in mind during the creative process.

“Our friend Thed Jewel created, directed, and styled the video,” says Brook about the video. “She is a woman waiting for something to complete her when she hasn’t found herself yet. She could be either one of the 3 projections of herself. Their interactions are reflective of the voices she hears telling her who she is and isn’t.”

The duo’s forthcoming POMP EP has been confirmed for a May 19 release date.