Kanye West granted a live interview this morning, with photographer Nick Knight’s SHOWStudio. He discussed a range of topics in the near 2 hour talk, including his family, fashion, and his upcoming seventh studio album SWISH. Check out notable highlights, and watch the full interview below.

On 808’s and Heartbreak & Yeezus being better than My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy:

Dark Fantasy* is almost like an apology record. ‘Power’ was the least progressive song I ever had as a lead single. It was kind of piecing together what people liked about me to make a bouquet of people loved. People talk about it like the way they love Thanksgiving dinner, but how long was that dinner cooked for? Great, you don’t want to anyone to change anything about Thanksgiving dinner. But Yeezus got panned when it first came out, but you end up seeing how it influences things.”

On his belief that the Yeezy’s are the most desirable sneaker ever:

“Is there a time when he can go on the internet and find a shoe people want more than my shoes? Well, go fuck yourself then if it isn’t, and don’t ask me stupid shit like that again.”

On not considering himself a feminist, but a humanist:

“Is that a party? I was raised majority by mom. My dad was around, but I think I fight for the importance of any community that is not being properly accredited. Here’s the thing: I love, and this statement is going to sound kind of gay, but I love older white men. If you’re not an older white man, you’re not running shit. It’s always going to be a fight for anyone who isn’t an older white man. I want to fight for anyone who doesn’t have a fight.”