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Watch Kendrick Lamar & Prince’s Epic Jam Session


If rappers didn’t envy Kendrick lamar before, now they have to. How many artists period can say they performed along side The Purple One?

A rare video of Kendrick lamar and Prince has surfaced online, of them performing together for a once in a life time jam session at Prince’s legendary Paisley Park Studios. The footage leaked online last year but was quickly taken down, but thanks to the Prince Estate, a clear version of the entire jam session has made its way onto the internet via Facebook.

via The Prince Museum:

Did you know Prince performed live with Kendrick Lamar? Rarely-seen footage of the two of them jamming at his Paisley Park Studios.

All rights Paisley Park / Yahoo – posting solely to share the man’s talents.

The chemistry between the two only can only make me hope they recorded something in the studio. Watch the epic performance below.