‘Better Call Saul’ the ‘Breaking Bad’ spin off arrives on AMC this Febuary and the first teaser trailer has surfaced.

It’s been almost a year since Breaking Bad came to a bullet-flying finish, but fans don’t have to wait too long before the official spinoff, Better Call Saul, arrives. Set to air in February 2015, the first teaser of lovable lawyer Saul Goodman’s series was premiered on AMC over the weekend. Although it only runs for a very brief 9 seconds, the clip sees a younger and less balding Saul work his magic on an unwitting client — just enough to leave you thirsting for more.

While it will “jump around in time,” according to co-creator Vince Gilligan, Better Call Saul be set in the year 2002 to begin with — six years before Saul takes on Walt and Jesse as clients. Unfortunately, neither Bryan Cranston nor Aaron Paul will appear in the series, but we will see the return of Saul’s trusted hitman-slash-handyman Mike Ehrmantraut, played by Jonathan Banks.

Via: Miss Info