Boardwalk Empire’s final season is upon us, and HBO has released a trailer giving a quick glimpse into the events that are about to occur.

It opens with Nucky Thompson sitting a tense boardroom when a woman whispers:

“There’s forgiveness for everyone. That’s what Jesus said.” We’re assuming Nucky is finally facing the music for his corrupt ways. That’s when Chalky chimes in with: “Baby girl, Jesus was wrong.”

Throughout the clip we also see:

“Nucky entering The Onyx club, a prison chain gang walking through the woods, Gillian Garmody looking very unhappy in a sanatorium, Nucky angrily throwing someone up against a wall, Al Capone (Stephen Graham) gesturing with a cigar in a meeting, Chalky White using a pickax in a prison uniform, people shooting, and strippers. The promo ends with the phrase “No one goes quietly.”

Boardwalk Empire‘s eight-episode final season will premiere on September 7 at 9 p.m. E.T.