Young Dolph is living up to his new nickname “bulletproof.”After announcing his new album was on the way right after being critically injured in a drive-by shooting, the self-proclaimed King of Memphis made the best of a bad situation and filmed his latest video while in hospital. The Jordan Spencer-directed clip for “Believe Me” follows Dolph’s recovery from the shooting and his eventual arrival back home, where he’s reunited with his kids. Watch below…

“It’s a personal ass song about what I’m dealing with, my inner life, feelings, about close friendships disintegrating over some bullshit,” Dolph tells Billboard. “If you work everyday, say at FedEx or as a school teacher, you know you’re doing what you gotta to do feed your family and this song will resonate with you. If you ain’t living right, you’re gonna feel like this song is calling you out. Don’t nobody supposed to raise your kids but you. A lot of folks don’t step up to the plate. My kids are my first priority in the world. It’s really my favorite song.”

“Believe Me” is taken from Young Dolph’s upcoming album Thinking Out Loud,’ out this Friday. The project features Gucci Mane, 2 Chainz, Ty Dolla $ign and D.R.A.M.