Now lets not look too deep into this headline, rappers are just like professional boxers, saying they are retiring only to return and serve up subpar performances, but thats what the current news surrounding rapper 50 Cent says And lets not forget back in 2007 when he promised to retire if Kanye West’s ‘Graduation’ album out sold his ‘Curtis’ album, but with 50 releasing less and less music over the years and his budding acting career, maybe it’s not too far fetched. In a recent Muscle & Fitness interview 50 made it clear that retiring from rapping are very much his intentions.

“I want to finish with that project,” 50 Cent said. “I don’t want to write another record after that. You know how some artists got to have confirmation that they’re right. I have that confirmation in fucking 35, 40 million [albums] that I already sold.” – 50 Cent


Now i could believe 50 knows he’ll never reach the same success he gain on his first two albums and since he loves sound scan numbers so much, maybe music isn’t fun for him anymore. And with his Starz tv show power doing so well maybe he wants to conquer the film industry next. We won’t really know until we actually get the album Fifty has been talking about for almost 5 years now. Stay tuned for updates on ‘Street king Immortal.’