The most talked about hip-hop artist to be released from prison since Lil Boosie, Remy Ma is back home and is wasting no time to make sure she is back at the forefront of relevancy. She is featured in the latest Fader magazine giving insight to her past, present and future. Below are some excerpts from the interview.

Remy On Pun’s Death:

Remy on when she found out about Pun’s death: I found out that Pun passed in a cab. They were saying it on the radio, and I’m sitting there, like, “Pun is gon curse them out like a dog when he hears them saying he passed.” I had just seen him, and he was fine. He was actually talking about how he lost mad weight and showing old pictures of when he was cock diesel. So I called him and didn’t get an answer. I couldn’t believe it. Years earlier, when I had shouted Pun out on the “Ante Up” remix, it wasn’t to get any type of brownie points. He was the person that believed in me so much and had made so many plans for me, and he never got to see it happen.

Via: Fader