After being laid to rest earlier this week, fallen rapper XXXTentacion posthumously releases his new video for his billboard number 1 hit “SAD!” (He became the first solo artist to get a posthumous No. 1 since Biggie.)

The video eeriely predicts his own death and aftermath. XXX wrote the treatment for the video when he is seen attending his own funeral (reminiscent of Tupac’s “I Ain’t Mad At Cha”), fighting his resurrected dead body, and “killing” his old self, according to the captions throughout. “You have done well at battling yourself,” it ends, showing handwritten notes in which he claims to be changing for the better. X was accused of domestic violence and was awaiting trial for those charges at the time of his death. The intriguing visual has lead fans to believe to once again believe his death was a stunt and the rapper may still be alive. However, on Wednesday, his public open-casket memorial service was held in Florida. One man has been arrested in connection with his murder; federal investigators are searching for two other suspects.