Things are getting interesting on the East side of Harlem, 1 Shot Dealz is adding his name to the list of individuals who have an issue with Dave East.

Saturday (7/7) Dave dropped a 6-minute response to Tray Pizzy’s “Retribution” track, making light of Pizzy’s drug riddled past, jacking his style but not addressing the accusations of him lying about where exactly he is from. Dave also went on to mention East Harlem rapper 1 Shot Dealz name, telling him to “get off his dick.” Dealz caught wind of Dave’s message and now has his diss “R.I.P. David L. Brewster.” Dealz makes it clear that Dave isn’t from El Barrio and goes on to discredit the lifestyle he’s painted in his raps. Photoshopping Dave’s face onto the image of Chris Rock’s cult film character MC Gusto from the 90’s film CB4. Not sure if Dave will respond but hopefully it all stays on wax. All emcee’s involved in these war of words all have talent and hopefully don’t let the rift spill into the streets. Dealz and Pizzy were both once friendly with Dave but say he’s became Hollywood once he got his major deal. Listen to 1 Shot Dealz diss to Dave East below.