Poppin’ Miley
This year you couldn’t escape her. It seemed that no matter what channel you flipped to, she was poppin’ and twerking all over the place and let’s not even start with social media. Luckily for her, even bad publicity is good publicity. Her outrageous and controversial behavior has gotten her even more interviews and request for performances. Miley even ended  the year with a bang, as she had the honor of being one of the performers for The New Years Eve Ball drop at Time Square.
Oh Yeezus!
Kanye West has had a rollercoaster of a year. First his infamous girlfriend Kim Kardashian, gave birth to their adorable baby girl North West. Then, the Yeezus tour was a major success, he got engaged to his bangin’ baby mama, and even dedicated a painfully awkward video to their love. KimYe should have been on cloud nine this year and yet Kanye was anything but happy. After enduring a year of rants, angry lash outs to the public/paparazzi, and bashing almost every heavy hitter in the fashion industry, one could only hope that his recent vow of “silence” is real.
Justin Timberlake’s Return! 
After 7 years of absence, JT returned this year with not one but TWO albums, accompanied Jay Z on a tour, made show stealing appearances on SNL, and Jimmy Fallon, and oh yeah. After 10 years, reunited with his boy band N’Sync at the VMAs. Not bad.
Beyoncé Reigns Supreme
She kept us hanging on with the tour. She put on the most believable lip-synch performance at the inauguration. She put on one of the best Super Bowl Halftime performances, and her Mrs. Carter World Tour continuously sold out. But nothing prepared us for the drop. Her surprise album Beyoncé dropped with no warning, promo, or single to tease us. And yet, she sold 1 million albums in 6 days. Once again, she proved why they call her Queen B.
Obamacare Disappointment
The site crashed on launch day after only 26k signed up. Even after it was retweaked and corrected, the site is still not reaching the projected amount. The Congressional Budget Office estimated 7 million people would register by March 31, 2014 so there is still time. Do you think it’ll reach early estimates?
Government Shutdown
This shutdown lasted 14 days, but cost the country not millions, but billions of dollars with little resolved. Wellfare got some serious cuts, and the shutdown followed a three-year pay freeze for Federal employees, and federal loans to small businesses, homeowners, and families in rural communities were put on hold. These were just a few of the ways the shutdown caused the country to suffer. “The report makes clear that the costs and impacts of the shutdown were significant and widespread, and demonstrates why this type of self-inflicted wound should not occur again,” as stated by Sylvia Mathews Burwell, who’s the Director of the Office of Management and Budget.
Death of Mandela
One of the worlds greatest ambassadors of peace passed away this year. South Africa’s first black president and Anti-apartheid Activist passed away Dec 6th, and the world mourned. Though he will be greatly missed, his words of wisdom and love will not be forgotten.
And and a Prince is born
Prince William and Kate Middleton had their first child, George Alexander Louis, on July 22 at St. Mary’s Hospital in London. Long live the infamous and almost obsessively adored royal family.
I Stream, You stream, We all Stream!
Streaming has become the new cable as cable itself, well, has lost it’s touch. Netflix and Hulu are in more demand than ever. Thanks to shows like House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, and us still not wanting to let go of Breaking Bad, streaming has become even more popular. If anything, it’s a down right necessity.
Game On!
Gamers were given more than enough to be happy about this year. Not only were they given Grand Theft Auto V, but that was followed up with the releases of  Microsoft’s Xbox One and the Sony PS4. And with all the spectacular too good to be true graphics, it’s kinda hard not to cross over to the gaming dark side. I’m sure we’ll be seeing a rise in carpal tunnel syndrome next year.