Yesterday New York radio station Hot 97 had their annual Summer Jam concert, and it was an eventful evening to say the least. Former 50 Cent associate and childhood friend Slow of the highly popular clothing brand SlowBucks was attacked and robbed for his cuban link chain on the summer jam stage yesterday.

Three major things happened on the Summer Jam stage yesterday. 1) 50 and Nas buried the hatchet, and put their past beef behind them 2) 50 Cent & Fabolous debuted the official remix to Fab’s summer anthem “Cuffin’ season” and 3) there was a G-Unit reunion with all original members. All of these great monumental things all over shadowed by an unspoken code of the street beef being broken between two old friends from Queens, NY. So how did we get here? Well today i did some research and I was able to get some insight from some very strong and reliable sources.

Slowbucks is an urban clothing brand named after 2 friends. A dude from Queens named Winslow (Slow for short) & his best friend Bugsy or Bucks for short, together they are SlowBucks. Slow was 1 of many kids from Queens who 50 took under the wing and took them on a world tour and pretty much gave them the opportunity to make all their connections. Through those connections in the industry and the street, Slow and Buck were able to start a clothing line and begin making a name for themselves. 50 co-signs SlowBucks in videos below:

As the SlowBucks name began to ring bells among many circles in the hip hop community the distance between Slow and 50 began. After putting together Juelz Santana and Lloyd Banks for the hit song “Beamer, Benz or Bentley,” they were also able to prove they had a future as a label A&R which might have given Slow a big head. Another thing that might have rubbed Fiddy wrong was that Slow was so hell-bent on getting promo for his SlowBucks clothing line that he aligned himself with 50’s rivals DJ Khaled and Rick Ross to get more publicity for the brand which in the streets of Queens and Southside Jamaica Queens is a huge NO NO.

Next, another former 50 Cent/G Unit Affiliate Trav began to air 50 out on social networks because he felt 50 was giving Banks and Yayo raw deals. The situation with Trav is tricky because Trav’s big brother Hov is 50’s best friend so maybe 50 gives him a pass on these matters because there is a more sentimental family attachment there. Trav is also a very close friend of Meek Mill and while Meek brought 50 on stage at a concert almost a year ago, a fight almost broke out. Meek quickly mediated the situation but you can imagine how awkward that had to be. Below is a video of that altercation


So after all of 50’s past beefs you’d think others would leave this guy alone especially because he thrives on these situations, but Trav releases a video dissing 50 and has SlowBucks front and center in the video wearing the ThisIs50 chain and all. The icing on the cake was a little over a month ago, Slow posted a pic on instagram of himself, Trav and Bucksy with 50’s estranged son Marquise. This didn’t go unnoticed by 50 and got a response immediately. 50 wrote under Slow’s IG photo that posting that pic was a very bad idea. And that is was.


So all of that brings us to Summer jam last night. While Nas was finishing his set he brought out 50 and they showed everyone they buried the hatchet and put the past behind them. 50’s headline set began and that’s when the night got interesting. Word is no one knows how Slow got on the stage or felt that comfortable to be anywhere near 50, knowing his reputation for being a hot head and not letting being a millionaire change any of his street tactics. Fabolous enters the stage to perform “Cuffin Season” remix with 50 and a commotion began behind the rappers while performing. After watching many videos and getting confirmation from many well placed sources, Slow was knock to the ground by one of 50 Cent’s entourage. He was jumped and had his cuban link gold chain stolen right on the Summer Jam stage in front of 50,000 fans. In the video you can see Slow get off the floor and run off the stage. After this happens many of us at Summer Jam were unsure as to what exactly occurred but some how the internet knew and word spread like wild-fire. Below is the video play-by-play of the chain snatching.

I don’t know why Trav & Slowbucks would play with Fif like that. Posting a pic with the man’s son and they clearly know Fifty isn’t really fond of either of them. Everyone knows 50 is a crazy street dude and it’s nothing worse than a crazy street dude with money, that just means he has unlimited resources and a lot of money to pay lawyer fees and lawsuits. His own enemies like Bang Em Smurf, Domination & Chaz have gone on record and said even though they don’t like him, 50 is a real street dude that is bout that life. Knowing 50’s street track record i hope Trav and Slow don’t make this any more of a big deal than it already is and no blood will be shed but with the egos involved I’m sure nothing good is going to come from this. As 50 stood on the stage ranting, he stated it was going to be a very hot summer and from the way he handled things, that indeed it will be.