The common complaint for many Aaliyah fans, is that the late singer’s discography is damn near unattainable. Good news for those that’ve been patiently waiting, because a collection of the singer’s biggest hits has just surfaced by way of Apple Music. The 2005 posthumous collection titled Ultimate Aaliyah is compiled of 25 of her hit songs including “Are You That Somebody,” “One In A Million,” and “Try Again,” amongst others.

The release is just days before the late singer’s birthday, which is next week. In a recent article ran by Complex, “The Inexplicable Online Absence of Aaliyah’s Best Music,” the writer noted that Aaliyah’s albums One In A Million and Aaliyah were illegally uploaded to iTunes by a company called Craze Productions. It was revealed that the company didn’t own the rights to her music, and they were sued. Ironically, this new collection uploaded was also by that company. We’ll have to wait and see how long this stays available.

Listen here.

The track listing for Ultimate Aaliyah:

1) “One in a Million”

2) “If Your Girl Only Knew”

3) “Hot Like Fire”

4) “The One I Gave My Heart To”

5) “Got to Give it Up”

6) “4 Page Letter”

7) “We Need a Resolution” (feat. Timbaland)

8) “Rock the Boat”

9) “More Than a Woman”

10) “I Care 4 U”

11) “Try Again” (feat. Timbaland)

12) “Back & Forth”

13) “Are You That Somebody?”

14) “Don’t Know What to Tell Ya”

15) “Miss You”

16) “At Your Best”

17) “Are You Feelin’ Me?”

18) “Messed Up”

19) “Come Back in One Piece” (feat. DMX)

20) “I Don’t Wanna”

21) “Man Undercover” (feat. Timbaland)

22) “John Blaze” (feat. Missy Elliott)

23) “I Am Music” (feat. Timbaland and Static of Playa)

24) “More Than a Woman” (Bump N Flex Club Mix)

25) “Hold On” (feat. Timbaland & Wyclef Jean)