In case you’ve been under a rock, everyone hates Drake this weekend. Over the past two days, Drizzy has gotten dragged into the much publicized break up of Chris Brown and Karrueche. Not only that, but TMZ reported that Drake and Diddy got into a heated exchange that resulted in Diddy hitting Drake in the face. We’ve been left with little detail besides Drake having to go to the hospital. And there was a small rumor that it may have been over Cassie, but all of that has been put to rest.

TMZ received word that the alleged fight was over a Boi-1da beat that both of them were supposed to be featured on, about 8 months ago. If our memory serves correctly, the track in question could be “0 to 100.” Drake got a bit antsy, and decided to release it without waiting for Diddy. After seeing Drake for the first time since the song’s release, Diddy got confrontational, and allegedly said “you’ll never disrespect me again,” before punching him. Drake ended up going to the ER, but only because he hit his shoulder, affecting an old injury.

My theory was, Diddy never forgot about this and wanted revenge: