Before the Tyler, The Creator show at the House of Vans last night a driver was pulled over at a gas station by a police officer conducting sobriety checks. The driver ignored the officers orders and speed away continuing to drive onto the wrong way of a one way street toward a crowded strip of bars and clubs on Austin’s Red River Street. With the police in hot pursuit, the driver thought it was a great idea to drive down Red River Street like the video game grand theft auto and cause havoc for the SXSW goers. A total of 23 people were injured and 2 were pronounced dead on the scene, later the reckless driver was apprehended whose name has not been released as of yet,and will be charged with two counts of capital murder and that the crime will continue to be investigated throughout Thursday. The charges carry a possible life sentence.

Austin’s police chief Art Acevedo told the assembled media during an early-morning press conference:

“Let me just say this right now,” Acevedo said, “there’s only one person responsible for this, and that’s the person who had no regard for the sanctity of life … that person that got behind that wheel, decided to potentially drink and drive, get under the influence then when stopped by police cared more about himself than these people out here. We have to hold people accountable for their actions.”

Via: Wired
Video credit to SockyTX