Chris Brown has reportedly been taken into custody, after disobeying “internal rules” at the rehab facility he was located at in Malibu, California.

TMZ Reports:

The judge in the Rihanna assault case ordered the 24-year-old entertainer to live in the Malibu rehab facility for 90 days for anger management therapy, which Brown completed earlier this month. During his last court hearing back in February, the judge ordered Chris Brown to remain in rehab until the Washington D.C. assault case from January ended.

It was agreed that if Brown left rehab, he would be sent to jail. Sources close to the situation say Brown was thrown out of the rehab facility on Friday morning for violating “internal rules.” It it not known what exact reason caused this, but TMZ reports it does not involve violence or drugs.

Brown is currently on his way to jail as he was picked up by L.A. County Sheriff’s deputies on Friday afternoon.