Today a interesting interview surface with Cam’ron on, where he revealed on of his all-time favorite rap verses besides his own comes from his former rival Jay Z.

Of course this comes as a surprise to many since the icy relationship has been the two has been nothing but bad since the Roc-A-Fella break up. During the clip Killa is asked what is his favorite rap verse of all time and he raps the verse from Jay Z’s “In My Lifetime.”

“One of my favorite verses—besides all of my rhymes—is probably one of Jay Z’s verses before Jay Z had an album out,” explains Cam. “I think the song was called ‘In My Lifetime.’ It says, ‘I don’t hassle with capsules, ‘cuz that don’t make the cash grow/And make a project ni**a get paid out the asshole/If I’mma risk a frisk, gettin’ my wrists wrapped up in steel/I’m out here trying to make a mill, my shit is real for real.”


The Dip Set general went on to explain the verse always made a huge impression on him: “I like that, because basically, why push nickels and dimes? If you gon’ take a risk doin’ something, go for it.”

Watch the clip below.