Today was a long day for Chris Brown to say the least, today the R&B/Pop-Singer has been arrested after he reportedly threatened a woman inside his home with a gun on Tuesday morning.

After an all day “stand-off” with the Los Angeles police, officers eventually gained access to his property by obtaining a search warrant. Brown eventually appeared outside of his home once his lawyer arrived on the scene.

Baylee Curran, the alledged female victim, has accused Brown of threatening her life with a gun before taking her phone and kicking her out. Curran claims while admiring some of Brown’s jewelary an argument ensued and things escalated more from there when she says Brown pulled out a gun. After being asked to leave the alleged victim left the house and called police, which led to their arrival at his property soon after.

Early this morning Brown dressed what was happening on his Instagram stating he had no idea why the cops where at his home and he did nothing wrong. Also letting it be known he wasn’t coming outside and the police would find nothing in his home. Watch the three clips below:

During a press conference with reporters, LAPD Lt. Chris Ramirez revealed that he had no knowledge of Brown failing to cooperate with the officers. “Investigators still have to interview the victim and any potential witnesses in this incident that may have occurred at Mr. Brown’s house. At this time, that is all the information we have,” Ramirez confirmed.


Singer Ray J is also involved; he was present while the incident happened and has apparently had his BMW confiscated by the LAPD as evidence. It’s not fully clear on what part Ray J took in the actual conflict, but he took to Instagram to address the situation. Watch the clip below:



Curran has already spoke with TMZ detailing the events that took place, stating she was scared for her life:

TMZ Reports:

Baylee Curran filed a police report and cops obtained a search warrant. As we reported, while Chris was holed up in his house, he threw a duffel bag out his window that contained 2 guns and drugs.

He will be taken to police headquarters for procoessing.

TMZ writes:

We have learned Chris was in the house with several friends, including Ray J. They were talking and at one point Ray was getting a tattoo when some “uninvited guests” appeared inside the house and were asked to leave.

At that point, the story gets murky. The guests included a man who was invited, and two women who were not — one of the women who’d been asked to leave is the one who made the police report, claiming Brown pulled the gun on her. Someone inside the house insists Chris was asleep the whole time.
At some point Ray J left the house and when he got to the base of the driveway police handcuffed him and seized his BMW. They checked his ID, uncuffed him and let him go, but kept his car as evidence. Ray J Ubered home.

At the time of this post, Chris is still in the house. He never left. Police are knocking on the door, but no one inside is responding.

We don’t know what police will do if he tries to leave. Chris Brown is a suspect in a criminal assault investigation after a woman called 911 and told cops … he threatened her with a gun … TMZ has learned.

The alleged incident went down early Tuesday morning in L.A. We’re told Chris and the woman were in a home when she claims they argued and he pulled the gun.

The woman called 911 and police responded and took a report.

We’re told the case is under investigation and Chris is the sole suspect.

None of this is good for Brown at all, with his checkered past of domestic violence, a stint in jail for violating probation, and the just the bad press he receives overall. We will keep you updated on anymore reports that surface.