After only dating officially for one year, the couple got engaged last October on Ciara’s birthday. Just three months ago, they gave birth to a baby boy, Future Zahir Wilburn. They shared numerous photos through their social media and showed no signs of breaking up.

But recently, there had been numerous rumors of cheating going on in the tabloids and as of a few weeks ago, Ciara has been seen without her engagement ring in public. Sad to see them part so soon, but it doesn’t really come as much of a surprise seeing as how the couple hasn’t been seen together in public for a while now. An insider confirmed Future’s infidelity, saying
“He cheated on her. Game over,” while another source adds of Ciara’s reaction to this infidelity:

“She’s devastated. Ciara’s focus now is the baby.”

Ciara dished on how her and Future met in Brides Magazine last month, saying:

“Our label put us together. I went into the studio strictly to work, but he was very calm and sweet, a gentleman… I knew right away that he was different. Now he’s my best friend in the world, my partner.”

via US Weekly