The enigmatic soul singer/song writer D’Angelo Sat down for a 90-minute talk with author Nelson George as part of the Red Bull Music Academy. This insightful interview touches on many subjects about the singers life before his fame, during his fame and whats he been doing while gearing up for his third solo album.

When George asked about the term ‘Neo-Soul’

The most awkward moment of the night came when George asked if the oft-used term “neo-soul” was a valid phrase or “PR bullshit,” unaware that the man who coined the term, a friend of D’Angelo and Questlove, was in the audience. After originally answering, “I plead the fifth,” D’Angelo said, “I respect it for what it is, but anytime you put a name on something, you just put it in a box. You want to be in a position where you can grow as an artist. You never want to be told, ‘Hey, well, you’re a neo-soul artist.’ Right now, I’m not. We’re going someplace else.”

Via: Rolling Stone