Say it aint so Gambino…… Recently during a interview Donald Glover known to the hip hop world as Childish Gambino via the Wu-Tang name generator stated when asked about his music career: “I feel like Childish Gambino is a period that should come to a close,” noting “I like endings.”

Gambino made it clear he doesn’t want to quit music, he stated: “I always want to do music, I love music….. and I want to produce.” He goes on by saying that Childish Gambino is a period in his art timeline and he wants to have definitive periods in his life. Watch the interview below.

I feel like Childish Gambino just had to grow up a little bit. I feel like I wouldn’t have anywhere to go on the next album if it had started that way at the beginning. I think the whole Childish Gambino series is about growth, so I feel it’s about time. And also I feel like the world’s ready for it. I don’t think they were ready for it back in the day.

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