Jimmy Kimmel’s hilarious “Mean Tweet’s” returns and this second episode of the Music Edition features Drake, Childish Gambino, Katy Perry, Sam Smith, Ariana Grande, Wiz Khalifa, Lady Gaga, PSY and more all reading not-so-friendly tweets directed towards them.

Most of them take it in stride which is even more funny.some of the artist even have some pretty witty come backs. Watch the video below.

“Drake looks like Voldemort with hair.”

Childish Gambino:
“Childish Gambino looks like he tried to suck his d*ck a few times.”

“Let’s face it: the girl from HAIM are ugly as f*ck and perform like they’re orgasming.”

Wiz Khalifa:
“Wiz Khalifa looks like a homeless woman.”

Ariana Grande:
“I’d rather listen to an auto-tuned queef played on a continuous loop than listen to Ariana Grande’s new album.”

Sam Smith:
“Trying to use the word “hate” less. Here goes: I thoroughly dislike Sam Smith.”

Katy Perry:
“Katy Perry has a voice that reminds me of balls covered in glass sliding down my throat. Nice gal.”