Joe Budden and Hallow Da Don are scheduled to face off in less than two weeks at Total Slaughter in New York at the Hammerstein ball room on July 12th. Hot 97’s always out spoken Ebro Darden spoke with WatchLOUD about the upcoming battle between Joe Budden and Hollow Da Don. Talks about the New Jersey MC Joe Budden’s transition into battling, Ebro said Joe has his “his hands full” with Hollow Da Don.

“I think Joe Budden got his hands full,” he said. “It’s gonna be interesting to see how somebody like a Joe Budden takes his song-making ability and turns it into something that’s really gonna appeal to cats in here for Total Slaughter. I think he’s got the voice. He’s got the styles. We know he’s got the bars. But we’ve only seen most of that in his song-making ability.”

During the interview, Ebro also speaks on how Budden’s agreeing to the battle validates Hollow Da Don as a worthy MC in the main stream rap world ( maybe underground).

“No matter how people twist it, what Joe Budden’s doing for Hollow Da Don is he’s validating that kid,” he said. “He’s putting that kid on the map because obviously he already respects what he does. I’m not gonna go as far as to say, ‘It’s gonna open the door’ ‘cause we’ve already seen some mainstream cats that wanna battle. We’ve seen a lot of cats like Meek Mill who come from that. I wouldn’t get our hopes up that we gonna see more and more of this. Now, if the check is right, which I’m sure Joe Budden’s check is right, he gon’ be out here. Plus, ain’t his boss running this? Eminem. And he signed to Eminem? Joe, you better get your ass out on Total Slaughter. Shit’s named after your group.”