Tuesday (1/16/18) night at 9 p.m. EST, DC Comics’ Black Lightning will premiere on the CW. Black Lightning, the second black character to headline a DC Comics title after Jon Stewart aka The Green Lantern and one of the DCU’s most underrated characters, will get his time to shine. The all-black cast, will be led by Cress Williams (Living Single, Hart of Dixie) as Jefferson Pierce aka Black Lightning- a school teacher who just wants to protect his two daughters and the city from crime. With Marvel’s Black Panther hitting theaters in a little over a month this is just more great news for everyone to see a comic book character of color come to life in a leading role (and don’t forget about Luke Cage on Netflix). Like most black comic book characters, little might be known about Black Lightning so let me give you some quick facts.

Disclaimer: Now before i get started this is his origin story and facts according to the comic book, I’m sure the tv show had to make some changes but this information is still very important.