Marvel’s Avengers Infinity War is right around the corner and the films bad guy is “The Mad Titan” Thanos; The baddest villain the MCU has yet to see. The character is being portrayed by Josh Brolin,and we’ve seen his cameos in many of the MCU films. This April we will get to see The Mad Titian’s full rage in his quest of collecting all the Infinity Stones. With the success of Marvel’s Black Panther, the anticipation for this film is sky high.

In comics we were first introduced to Thanos in Iron Man #55 (cover dated Feb. 1973), created by writer Mike Friedrich and writer-artist Jim Starlin. In the MCU films we first got to see the purple-faced titan in the end credits of 2012’s Avengers. Marvel has been building to this moment for a decade and now the time is finally here. As we always like to do at FKB, we will give you a rundown of who exactly The Mad Titan is.


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