Recently, Australian-bred designer Daniel Patrick presented his self-named Spring/Summer ’18 Collection at the Men’s Capsule + Liberty event. We recently were able to catch up with the designer to speak about his new collection, the struggles of becoming a designer, his favorite hip-hop albums, favorite places to eat & much more. Check out the exclusive interview below.

You are originally from Sydney Australia and moved to California in 2011. What was it about California that attracted you the most?
• What are some of your favorite places to eat in LA and NYC?
• I actually have a sister who lives in Melbourne, AUS. I plan on visiting her next year. If you could give me 3 places to visit where would they be?

DP: I originally wanted to move to NY before visiting either city, but found LA spoke to me more in terms of the weather and the space, and life was set up to create for me. In saying that, I still love NY but I feel like LA has space for the soul to breathe.

In LA there are so many great places to eat. I love Mastro’s steakhouse, Roku, and EP & LP. In NY, I love La Esquina, Ruby’s and Chelsea Market.

I’m from Sydney so I don’t have too much intel on Melbourne, to be honest, but I can tell you the coffee in Australia is the best.

I noticed you are a big fan of hip-hop. What are some albums right now that you are currently listening to?
• Were there any artists that you were surprised to see wearing your brand?
• If you could live with 3 Hip-Hop albums for the rest of your life what would they be?
• What’s your favorite song right now?

DP: Right now I’m listening to Frank Ocean, Drake and Travis Scott, and their respective latest releases.

Favorite song right now, Drake ‘Signs’
3 hip-hop albums: Travis Scott – Birds in the Trap Sing Mcknight/Rodeo, Kanye West – 808s and Heartbreak

In terms of artists wearing my clothes, I was surprised when Usher wore it back in 2011, and actually it’s very exciting when I see any new artist wearing my gear.

What are some things that help you get inspired to design?

DP: Listening to music, working out etc. I never really sit down and be like “alright I’m gonna design right now and need to make such and so.” For me, it’s sporadic and ideas just flood to me throughout the day and then I get to work and eventually the collection comes together like that. You make one thing and it inspires another and snowballs to a degree also, and the collection becomes cohesive. Staying busy inspires me and life inspires me.

At what point of your career in fashion did you realize, “oh shit, this is taking off”?

I feel like, to be honest, it has been a gradual increase so it hasn’t felt like a big bang but there was a point where I felt like finally I can do this full-time and month to month rent was not the stress it used to be anymore. That for me was a joy and relief; a joy that I could do what I loved to do every day, and a relief of not having to struggle to make ends meet as I previously had when moving to LA.

What’s one piece from your new Spring/Summer ’18 collection that defines what ‘Daniel Patrick’ is as a brand?
• What are some qualities in your brand that are relative to you as a person?

DP: SS18 for me was an evolution of what I feel like ‘Daniel Patrick’ as a brand is representing moving forward. It was the first time since the early days that I held back and made a full collection in one go. It’s funny because so many great pieces missed the cut for the show. I feel more at home with color whereas in the early days of the brand we were merely black and white. Color represents my personality more than the sterility of black and white. Even though I mostly wear black I still like to offset the fit with a bright color sneaker. So one piece that defines what we are about would be hard to pinpoint.

The gym shorts and the track pants would be a couple of staples. The gym bag I really love as it is like a bomber jacket in the form of a bag. I want the brand to be functional designer sport, that is not just stuck in the lane of being activewear but stuff you can wear from the gym to the streets to a night out. I feel that represents me more and my background playing rugby.

Growing up in Australia, sports was a big part of my life. I played every thing—rugby, cricket, athletics and swimming. I was the athlete of the year in primary school and from there went to a sports high school for rugby where we even had rugby as a class subject. My Dad also played pro rugby and there is a bomber jacket in the collection that is a throwback to one of his tracksuit jackets.

What are some things that we can expect to see from ‘Daniel Patrick’ in the near future?

A designer running shoe is in the works. But we are always looking to evolve the brand and create a lifestyle. Slides, toiletry bags, bath robes, homewares, etc.

What makes ‘Daniel Patrick’ different from other high-end fashion streetwear brands?

DP: I feel like we are true to our DNA and our pieces are always recognizably ours even if it is just a basic tee. So details, quality, fabrication, and colors are recognizably ‘Daniel Patrick.’

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What advice would give someone trying to get into fashion?

DP: Work hard, be persistent, be consistent, and always look to improve. That for me is huge because nothing can be perfect and you can look at that as a negative or a positive. I look at it like this: if nothing can be perfect then it can always improve, hence I can never get complacent and think something is all that it can be. This doesn’t mean that I don’t deliver the best I can. Quite the opposite, I deliver the best with the knowledge I have and each season with more knowledge under my belt. I deliver the best again with that new knowledge that is a step ahead of the past season. I also try to just focus on me rather than worry about what others are doing.

What’s the worst job you ever had?

DP: I wouldn’t say any job I’ve had is bad, because if one is observing what he can gain from any experience he can learn something that he can apply to what he really wants to do. But I’ve done some jobs I’d rather not do again in saying that. I did construction for a month and getting up at 4:30 am and digging ditches is not easy work, but builds character and I feel a lot of kids these days could learn a thing or two from a hard days work like that. Even that experience is not to be discounted and I was grateful to have that job when I did to pay the bills. It was also a catalyst for me to get out of there and get the line going.

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