Next year’s 23rd anniversary celebration of the Air Jordan 7 is rumored to include the release of a handful of Looney Tunes-inspired editions

— this is the model that gave us the Hare Jordan, after all — included among them a Marvin the Martian version. Based on an early catalog shot of that alien Air Jordan, coupled with reports that the actual launch edition would be tweaked a bit, this may just be the shoe in question: call it the Air Jordan 7 Marvin the Martian.

Honestly, the palette’s not that similar to that of your favorite pint-sized martian, so perhaps there’s still more to this story. Whatever the shoe is though, it works, mixing black and blue leather on the upper with a multicolored tongue, red accents and icy outsole in a look that’s simultaneously wide-ranging, yet self-complementary. Themed or otherwise, this new colorway is rife with potential.

We’re not anticipating a launch until around March, so there’s plenty of time to sort out the details and design muses; stay tuned for all that. For now, check out a full shot below.