Rumors have been swirling for a years now that Ice Cube and Chris Tucker were planning to reprise their roles in another sequel for the cult classic Friday.

As far back as 2011 many rumors and fake film posters have appeared all over the internet for the film ‘Last Friday’ coming to theaters. Those rumors have been squashed many times, but today the creator of the franchise, Ice Cube took to Twitter to reveal he had a meeting with New Line about getting the film green lighted. Cube wants to bring all the films beloved characters and give the fans what they’ve been asking for. Obviously everyone wants to see Tucker and Cube together on-screen again but that might be the hard part. Tucker has been quoted many times in the past saying he’s down only if they open up their piggy banks, he also stated he made next to nothing on the original. The original Friday was released in 1995, became an instant hit as well as a stoner classic that turned Chris Tucker a Hollywood super star, going on to star in the Rush Hour franchise with Jackie Chan. After his success at the box office, Cube became a film star in his own right and was able to release two more sequels, the only problem was Tucker was absent. They couldn’t come to terms on money and Cube brought on new characters to replace him. The sequels were ok but didn’t measure up to the original. Hopefully New Line will make this happen and they can get Tucker on board, lets keep our fingers crossed.

Via: The FADER