During an interview with Hot 97‘s “Nessa on Air,” Jeezy gave his opinion on the comments his good friend Lil Wayne made in a recent interview on the Black Lives Matter movement. The Snowman didn’t come to his defense but he did explain why “people just might not understand” Weezy’s perspective.

Jeezy went on to elaborate that Wayne has been rich and “living on his own island” for quite some time and may not be able to see the everyday situations that are clearly visible to so many others.

“Everybody has they opinion, but at the same time people just might not understand,” Jeezy said. “And I’m not definitely coming to his defense because he is an adult. He understands what he’s doing. But people have to understand he’s been a superstar so long. Since he was a child. I grew up on him.”

“So, it’s just like he might not be connected on that level,” he added. “Because it is difficult. Because he’s been rich for a long time. And he’s been living on his own island for a long time. And maybe it’s something he just don’t see. I’m glad that I’m able to see that. Because I still deal with people every day.”

During a newly-released interview with “Dateline,” Weezy explained that he felt no connection with the Black Lives Matter movement. For obvious reasons that didn’t sit well with a lot of people. Wayne has since revealed that he was agitated during the interview due to a question asked about his daughter. He also offered his “Apologies to anyone who was offended.”

Also in the interview Jeezy spoke on the possibility of a joint project with Jay Z.

“Me and Hov, we talk all the time,” the Southern spitter said. “Whether it’s via text or it’s hollering…I feel like the relationship we do have isn’t even based on music. What we talk about is real life stuff…To me, it’s just one of those situations where respect is mutual. And it’s just like we walk that same path…As far as us making an album, I will always be for that. Because some of his best verses that I’ve heard, he’s given me.”

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