On Sunday night, Justin Timberlake watched the BET awards like all of us and witnessed Jesse Williams powerful speech. After the speech he took to twitter to give Jesse props for his great speech.

Shortly after tweeting he was inspired by Williams, a Twitter user by the name of Ernest Owens asked the singer if he was going to stop appropriating black music and culture and apologize to Janet Jackson. And JT responded with this:
“Oh, you sweet soul. The more you realize that we are the same, the more we can have a conversation. Bye.”

That response started a whole world of backlash directed his way. The thing that probably pissed people off the most was his “We are the same” comment, especially after Timberlake had just given props to Williams on his speech, which spoke to the Black Lives Matter movement and lack of equality in America. It came off a bit dismissive to what the fan said but I don’t think JT’s intentions was bad and was trying to take the high road. Twitter responded to Timberlake’s tweets with mixed views, some supported JT knowing he meant no harm, some spoke out and said he’s been stealing from black culture since his *N’SYNC days and some just wanted him to apologize to Janet Jackson for the Super Bowl incident. All in all, it made people feel something. JT later responded on twitter addressing a fan’s accusations of cultural appropriation. Timberlake said he felt “misunderstood” and said that his reply to one person wasn’t meant to be construed as a general response to the issue. It’s unfortunate because I know (well think) JT does fully respect african american culture, but i guess the way he handled that whole Janet Jackson Super Bowl situation left a bad taste with most of us. You can check out his tweets below.