In 2012 Lil B gave a lecture at NYU and this weekend “The Based Gawd” gave another unforgetable lecture at Massachusetts Institute of Technology—aka MIT.

The Fader have a full transcript of the lecture. Video of his talk and of his rare freestyle have also surfaced (below).

During the talk, he revealed that he’s developing an app for a vegan company called Follow Your Heart and is “working with YouTube”. He also discussed his mother’s health struggles, race, Ferguson, being comforting instead of focusing purely on profit, his song “No Black Person Is Ugly”, and so much more. Here are a few choice highlights from the transcript:
“I want to say, to answer your question: yes, I do love Kevin Durant, and I appreciate him, and I appreciate the NBA.”
“If Kevin Durant came to D.C., would I lift the curse? Well, does Boston love D.C.?”
“Me and Kevin got a game to play.”
“I want to give a shout out to all the engineers and scientists, and all the people in here, swag. Everybody that’s dealing with math, you know what I’m saying? Salute man.”
“I appreciate the Black Student Union for making this happen. Everybody should be in the Black Student Union, because we’re all black, remember that.”
“Tinder is a new company, but you see with technology, how this is transcending. From Tinder to creating cars. Tinder might be making that next car. I’m so excited about the technology.”
“Maybe Tinder wasn’t the right example.”
“Make sure you comfort everybody, because you have so much power.”
“I am here to comfort you. I chose my job to be a healer, you know what I’m saying?”
[When asked about recurring dreams] “Who had the bathroom stall dream where if you pee in the stall, you pee on yourself?” [Applause] “I ain’t alone baby! That’s the worst dream to have.”
[When asked if he identifies as a feminist] “Hell yeah. I push for the women so hard.”
“Give the person your all when you’re listening. … That’s a huge thing, understanding empathy.”
“The main thing I’m trying to press here with everybody is that I love you.”