Hip Hop mogul/icon Master P is set to release a tell-all documentary, detailing his label No Limit’s rise to prominence during the 90’s. 

The trailer shows images and video footage of P’s childhood and early career, which was released on Monday (January 16). Narrated by Percy “Master P” Miller himself, the trailer details his start in the music business and storied work ethic, with the rapper acknowledging, “I done been through it all. We talked about making money and coming from the streets. I’ve always handed out money, ain’t nobody handed me no money.”

The trailer describes the forthcoming documentary as “a cinematic story about a cultural icon” and calls P “a pioneer businessman who gave hope to a generation.”

“The compelling Master P Documentary the real rags to riches story, that spotlights the life of Percy Miller from the projects to building a empire. The hustler, musician, actor, pro-basketball player, business man, entrepreneur, philanthropist and father. Making it out the ghetto to becoming a superstar. KING OF THE SOUTH BIOPIC COMING 2019.”

Last year P, said he wanted to drop the documentary on MLK day 2018 but due to un foreseen circumstances the doc still doesn’t have a release date. P is a pioneer and was way ahead of time for the things he accomplished in the entertainment business, helping make his his friends and family wealthy in the process. From his siblings down to his kids The Ice Cream Man gave everyone around him opportunities.

Watch the trailer below.