Today The New York Daily News reported that Wesley Snipes is slated to return to the Blade Franchise, for Blade 4. As we all know, the Blade movies were Marvel’s first cinematic success and is what made comic book movies cool again (don’t believe me? Google it!).

This makes me as a huge Snipes fan, elated because the last Blade installment barely featured Snipes. All of the wacky stories of Wesley and director David Goyer at odds during production were hilarious, including Snipes staying in his trailer for hours before shooting a scene, and staying in character only wanting to be called Blade (LMFAO). The last straw was Snipes trying to strangle Goyer. To make a long story short, the filming of Blade: Trinity was a shit show. Snipes is reported to be taking 3 million for this film which is great for him especially after just recently being released from jail for not paying taxes.
Snipes got his feet wet already filming the Expendables 3 with buddy Sly Stallone. Hopefully with all the money going into comic book films and Snipes wanting to prove his career isn’t finished, this film should be nothing short of amazing (wishful thinking) . We will keep you guys posted.

Maybe I’m being a little nostalgic, but the possibility of a new Blade film has me ecstatic. With all the success Marvel is having with their films there is no way I can see this being a flop. Like I said Snipes is a man on a mission to prove doubters wrong and he has taxes to pay off damn it!!