Harlem rapper Neek Bucks has grown up listening to jay-Z’s rap tales his whole life and decided to pay homage to the God MC by re-creating his classic mini film ‘Streets is Watching.’

After debuting the Streets is Watching short film at a private event Tuesday night (Aug. 21), Neek Bucks is unleashing the highly anticipated remake for public consumption exclusively via Billboard today (Aug. 22).

The 20-minute clip pays homage to the 20-year anniversary of JAY-Z releasing his Streets is Watching compilation back in 1998.

Neek prides himself as a huge film buff, and brought his vision of the classic film to life in just over a year. Need worked along side alongside a number of friends and gifted individuals to turn the inspiring flick into his own remake two decades later. “I’m very interested in film and Streets is Watching is one of my favorite hip-hop classics, so I figured I’d combine the two,” Neek tells Billboard.

Bucks brings fans on a cinematic journey through a fatal armed robbery against a rival gang. Comic relief is peppered throughout the project, making light during the most serious of moments. Various scenes turn into creative music videos for previously released tracks such as the Vino World-assisted “Ain’t No Fun” to mixing in bars from Hova’s “Streets is Watching.”

Neek wanted to properly salute JAY-Z and bring a fresh twist to a classic. “To celebrate the [film’s] 20th anniversary and pay homage to JAY-Z, I decided to team up with Trackmasters, Tone, Poke, and give the streets something fresh,” he explains. “Mix the old and legendary with something new.”

Watch Neek Bucks’ Streets is Watching remake below.