Listen, we all have a friend somewhere who is trying to make it in the entertainment industry. Whether it’s in music, or film or comedy or photography, we all have one is what I’m trying to say. We do our part, we re-tweet them, make people watch them on YouTube, tell them they are talented and great, and sometimes we are totally lying, or we are totally biased.

Today I want to tell you about a young and talented musician that deserves your attention. I want to say that she is TOTES my friend, but I swear that this isn’t one of those instances where I’m lying OR where I’m bias. I would tell you if my friend sucked at something, I would be honest with you. My friend Dylan wants to be a stand up comedian, but he is terrible! Trust me.

When I first met Emily Kopp I think it was 2011, and she hadn’t been writing her own music for too long, but she was getting set to release her first EP. My best friend was her drummer, so I was interested in what they were working on, but I was extremely skeptical. But unlike when most people talk to me about stuff, Emily had my attention. She was so passionate and she had a lot of questions for me about living in NYC and trying to make it in the entertainment industry as a comedian (look I found a way to plug myself too!), and she just got my vibe. I know I’ll sound like a pretentious New Yorker, but when I go to visit my hometown in FL I cringe, because no one has interest in the arts there or making it big, it’s rare that anyone shares my passion or gets my vibe.

I mean I grew up in a place called Seminole, FL. A place you’ve never heard of because it’s quite possibly the most boring place on planet earth. The only section on it’s wikipedia page besides the demographics, is about the “water tower controversy” in which the city painted the water tower, and everyone still has mixed feelings about it.

You won’t read about any celebrities being born and raised in Seminole, FL. You’ll only read about celebrities who died here, like Randy Savage, who crashed his car into a tree literally around the corner from my childhood home.

I’m prattling on too long I know, but anyway, Emily gave me a CD of a live show she did with my buddy, and I listened to it (admittedly still skeptical) and I was blown away by her voice. I’m somewhat snobby about music, and it takes a long time for a friend to convince me they’re good at something, but I instantly loved Emily’s music. Her voice is so powerful, but soulful and interesting, it reminds me most closely of Amy Winehouse.

That’s why I was excited for her in July 2012, when she did a kickstarter to raise 12,000 dollars to make her full length album (I still await my autographed copy in the mail). She raised the money and in September 2013 put out her debut album Serendipity Find Me. 


I knew Emily would get the money, and I knew I’d enjoy her album because she’s my friend and I’d enjoy hearing her grow musically, but I’m still stunned at how much I like it, and how much the song “So Scared” effects me. 

Now she’s getting recognized all over the place. She tours all over the US, had a wonderful article written about her by Billboard, and she can be found on Spotify, iTunes, and YouTube.

It makes me very proud, because as I said, no album has been recorded in my hometown, no movie was ever shot there, and it makes me wonder if I’ll ever make it with the odds so stacked against me. So when I see Emily getting her dues it inspires me, it makes me think I have a shot, and it makes me work harder.

Emily is my friend, but she doesn’t need me to make you watch her YouTube video, she doesn’t need me to tell her she’s great when she’s not, she is doing just fine on her own. So don’t think of this article as me telling you about my friend, think of it as me offering you one last chance to claim Emily was your friend before she blows up!