Drake drops new music when he good and well pleases. Just 2 days after shaking up the web with “Draft Day,” Drizzy slows it down for “Days in the East.” The PARTYNEXTDOOR and Noah “40” Shebib- produced joint is definitely an ode to someone special. You’ll detect the Rihanna influence. Lyrics below.

“Remember one night I went to Erykah Badu house, she made tea for me
We talked about love and what life could really be for me
She said, “when that shit is real, you just know”
And I was thinkin’ ’bout you, you already know”

“Mention other girls, you get insecure already
That was in the past, I’ve matured already
Fuck them hoes, you got the award already
You go to Chanel and get rewards already
Know I do this shit for 3rd Ward already
Know I do this shit for H-Town already
Already, already
Back up in this thing, it’s a go
Had a couple niggas out of pocket, now they know
Ain’t the first time cause I’ve lost you before
Had to get it back, had to get it back
Had to pull it back because I know I’m on the road
Had to take you back because I know you’re down to roll
If you can get it from me, you can have it, now you know
All your friends askin’ where you stand with the boy
FaceTime said you got plans for the boy
Studyin’ your body, that’s exams for the boy
Take a flight here, pop a xan for the boy
Waking up in Amsterdam with the boy
Long flight home, another xan for your boy
You would probably fly out to Japan for the boy
You would probably kill another man for the boy
You would probably…
You would probably lie ’bout it on the stand for your boy
Put the Bible to your right hand for the boy
That’s why you I ain’t never gotta worry ’bout the boy
You know you got…
You know you got that really good insurance on the boy
You just gotta pack a bag and hurry to the boy”