Finally! Fans got their first look at the rebooted take on the Teenage Mutant Turtles today with the latest released trailer. In a previous trailer the turtles weren’t shown as much but we got a pretty good glimpse of Michelangelo, and from the looks of it the gang green pizza loving turtles will look much more humanized than cartoonish like in the past turtle films that we grew up on. However, as much back lash the early descriptions of Michael Bays take on the turtles, I must say they look pretty awesome in live-action. Donatello’s blend of nerdiness and love of gadgets is made obviously clear, Mikey’s hawaiian surfer dude shell necklace is a nice touch, Raphael looks like a complete bad ass and Leo the fearless leader well he looks like a fearless leader. Check out the trailer and pics of the beloved new look turtles below.