“Return to Sender” is the latest video by Buddy Lofton. The visual for the stand out track off his mixtape ‘Cold Turkey’, takes your on a journey from Long Island to Midtown manhattan in an effort to send a Letter expressing he’s inner thoughts to himself. The video was directed by Shoot 1st Productions lead by Q from First Klass Breakfast. check the video and Listen to The full mixtape ‘Cold Turkey’ Below.

Buddy Lofton is a young east coast MC , who demands your respect and attention every time he touches a mic. Raised in Brentwood, Long Island. Buddy’s lyrical flow centers around expressing thoughts to inspire, providing a depth not often found in the game today.

Grounded in the ongoing exploration of inspiration, Lofton’s thoughtful lyrical flow gives his tracks a certain emotional and philosophical depth filling a void the game has been missing. “We are all under the influence of something the world has to offer,” says Lofton. “It’s not just about drugs or alcohol; it’s about media outlets, religion, love, family and failures.”

“Something has influenced you to become the person you are this very moment, and I’m always expanding upon this idea through my music – capturing certain moments, thoughts and vices from my life that have influenced me to be who I am today.”

Since his debut release, “Under the Influence,” in 2013 Lofton has consistently continued to drop new music and videos.  His latest project, “Cold Turkey” was released in 2016 and is available on SoundCloud, iTunes,Spotify, and Tidal etc.  It hasbeen creating a buzz and truly shows no slowing down helping Buddy’s quest to conquer the entertainment industry. Working with super producers From Josh “theme music” Lamont, tex tombstone” west coast producer “artillery” to veteran beat makers like Najee alim to name a few.
Buddy continues to bring substance to his music without compromising his sound. With a variety of styles it is hard to put Buddy lofton in a box.

With over 300,000 plays on his SoundCloud page and close to 500,000 views on his YouTube channel, he continues to show his versatility starring in the 2013 short film “a smile” as Eric hemmings a suicidal young man which was critically acclaimed and earned him credits on on imdb.  Buddy has performed all over New York City, Long Island Washington DC, Atlanta and Denver.   He is a favorite at the amityville music hall hometown of legendary mc Rakim (earwaxx sessions) and shows no signs of slowing down….There is always more than what meets the eye and the best way to understand is to listen. #supportdope