Last time Cee-Lo Green created an altar ego, he went on to form Grammy winning super group Gnarls Barkley with Danger Mouse. Now he is on to a new project with a new persona. After his fake exploding cell phone video incident, now it all makes us think that maybe he just wanted to make sure he had everyone’s attention. Watch Cee-Lo debit his new altar-ego Gnarly Davidson in “Fuck Me, I’m Famous” above. 

“In the words of Iggy Pop, and I quote…Look out honey cause I’m using technology…Ain’t got time to make no apology,” Cee Lo says. “Well in that case I may as well be called TECHNOLOJESUS !!! But you can call me GNARLY DAVIDSON FOR SHORT. My disciples will dance and worship the sound I talk on. You see? Audacity is the first instinct of art itself and with a lil’ jolt of juxtaposition the flat line will again become a vital sign FOR I HAVE GIVEN LIFE to living dead. Soon and very soon… IM GOING TO BE FAMOUS! FUCK ME.”