Harlem, NYC artist Jay West joins forces with America’s most iconic brand, to put Pop-Expressionism on a wearable canvas.

Levi’s Strauss & Co. has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to collaborating with great brands and designers, so bringing on the rise painter Jay West in for a collab is a no brainer. West is making the iconic Levi’s trucker jacket his canvas painting his pop-art inspired characters on them. West traveled to Levi’s head quarters in San Francisco to the Levi’s® Eureka Innovation Lab. The la is where most of the brands most innovative ideas are drawn up and brought to life.

“With Jay West, we saw in his work the pop-art, hip hop, street-punk aesthetic that reminded us of a 21st century Basquiat,” Jonathan Cheung, Levi’s ® SVP of Global Design, said. “Like with all our collaborators, it helped that Jay is a big Levi’s® fan. Watching him and Bart riff off each other was a joy.”

West took inspiration from his previous work and paired it with one of Levi’s most recognizable designs:

“This piece means growth, a testimony of my progression as an artist and a reflection of where I started,” he explained in a recent interview with Hypebeast. “The piece relates to Levi’s® in the sense that it’s right on path with what Levi’s® is about as a brand — innovative and authentic.”