Positive vibes and Positive people. That’s the first thing that stood out to me after leaving the Electronic Zoo Festival held on Governors Island this past Sunday. Just off of 125th st and directly adjacent to Harlem, as well as the FDR. The island gives off an energy that was impossible to ignore. From the couples laying in one another arms making out to the lacrosse bro who took way too much Molly and has his head in his hands laying face down on the worn dry grass. For the most part it’s possible that the concert goers were doing nothing more but radiating the positive vibes of the earth beneath them.

I realized these festivals are very much so about the music. People come to see their favorite artists. Yes. Their favorite DJ’s, yes. Of course. But… What they are really paying for is not what they see, not what they hear, but what they FEEL. Walking around with a camera and a smile I am subconsciously able to pierce through people’s personal space and own privacy. Speaking to a number of people after taking their photo I found myself on the receiving end of compliments like “I love you”.

Multiple times. Complete strangers. Telling me “I love you”. I didn’t know how to respond. Funny that in a world so FUCKED up and confusing I didn’t even know how to reciprocate the most basic of emotions such as love because we are programmed and often get caught up in this world of filth, hate, and chaos. Not at E-Zoo though…. Everybody was so friendly. Everybody was so happy. Why can’t we achieve this in an entire town? Maybe an entire city? Country? World? Here are thousands of people all living momentarily in peace and solidarity if we are capable of doing this for a day then why not a week? Then maybe a
Month? A whole year possibly without mass shootings, terrorist attacks, homophobic slurs, hate crimes, police brutality, and racist fucks like Donald Trump. Hmmmmmm…. Just maybe. Maybe? I say all of that to say this the biggest thing I got from E-Zoo was that RESPECT is one of the most powerful things you can give to somebody. You respect yourself then in turn you respect others. You respect others they in turn respect others who in turn respect others who in turn respect others forever and ever happily ever after. Respect. Respect. Respect. Respect to all the kids I met the other day, respect to my credit card scammer niggaz in the trap, respect to the single mother or father working 2 jobs to get their kids some new back to school clothes and most importantly RESPECT YOURSELF. I guess you could say I had a great time at E-Zoo. Lol…… And no, j wasn’t even on drugs. Besides the $10 beers and the backwoods I smoked I was completely sober.

Photographer & post by T-Swiffa