Drake’s new single “Summer Sixteen” has only been out for a couple of weeks now and is already one of the most talked about releases so far this year. While the The 6-God has his sight on Meek Mill, he soon took a quick jab at Tory Lanez with the line, “All you boys in the new Toronto want to be me a little.” Which is in reference to his latest mixtape title New Toronto hosted by DJ Drama. Well, while listeners of Tory expected some type of booth response, the R&B singer/rapper was seen at Power Crush 2016 earlier this weekend, and shared his thoughts.

Any fan who’s been following Tory Lanez leading up to this point, we’ve heard and read Tory throw a lot of shade at Drake and OVO for the past year. Tory went on to admit to being a fan of Drizzy and said he would never have any ill words towards him – even if he dissed him 20,000 times. We’re still not sure that line may be the only war of words heading towards Mr. Lanez, but you can take a look at his brief interview below. Anyone else have my tea ready to drink?