Comedian Tracy Morgan was in a terrible 6-vehicle accident this morning in New Jersey, and according to TMZ, he is currently fighting for his life.

The former 30 Rock, SNL star had been riding in a limo bus on the NJ turnpike after a concert, before being rear ended by a tractor trailer. One person in the limo was killed, seven others are hospitalized, and three in critical condition, including Morgan.

“The limo bus is the only vehicle that overturned,” Sgt. Gregory Williams said. “Looks like one of the tractor-trailers may have rear-ended that limo bus, but that’s preliminary at this time.” The bus wreck involved two tractor trailers, and an SUV. It is not believed that alcohol played a factor. Comedian Ardie Fuqua posted this image last night, about 30 minutes before the fatal crash:

The two had a stand up gig just 30 minutes before the accident, and Ardie was the opening act. No word yet on whether or not he was on board, but the photo he posted included the caption:

this is what it looks like from the stage to see a standing ovation from 1500 people. Then we traveled back to NYC In style in a luxury Mercedes Splinter. Road life is a good life!

Stay tuned for updates.


Photos via TMZ