SuperFly, is hands down one of the greatest blaxploitation movies of all time, and it’s getting a reboot. The remake of the 1972 classic will star Trevor Jackson and Jason Mitchell, taking place in Atlanta instead of Harlem this time around. Famed director Director X (formerly Little X) will handle the visual duties while Future will score the entire film.

The first trailer for the movie was released on Wednesday night via Future’s Twitter. The trailer, which is a teaser,  gave us a glimpse of what a updated SuperFly film will look like. In fact, the trailer features a clip from an unreleased Future song (which we imagine will be on the soundtrack.)

As for the trailer, the movie looks very current, almost as if it’s a modern-day rap video. (Clearly, Director X is not going for a retro feel for this project.)

Watch the first trailer for SuperFly, which comes out this summer, below.