When Tyler, the Creator likes a song, he really likes a song. Today the LA native remixed Jacquees’ “No Validation.”

“Let’s hope they don’t take this one down, man,” the Golf Wang leader quips to kick the freestyle off, referencing the unfortunate blocking of his previous rework of Kanye West and Kid Cudi’s Kids See Ghosts title track due to so-called “copyright grounds.”

Stream Tyler’s new Jacquees rework, titled “GELATO,” above.

In addition to these Jacquees and Kanye updates, Tyler has also gifted fans with several random one-offs in recent months including “OKRA” and “Rose Tinted Cheeks.” The latter was originally intended for Tyler’s most recent album Scum Fuck Flower Boy but was never finished.

The album landed Tyler a nomination for Best Rap Album at this year’s Grammys, an award Tyler and others believed should have gone to him. “Something different needs to win,” he told Shane Powers in January. “I love [JAY-Z], but fuck. You have Grammys, dog. And I love Kendrick, and I think Damn was awesome. ‘XXX’ was my favorite song on that album. But fuck, [he’s] nominated for six other ones. Let him get one of those.” The award ultimately went to Damn.