Viceland has recently announced they will be producing shows with Tyler, The Creator and The Bodega Boys, on their network.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Tyler’s show on Viceland will be based on a show from his Golf Media app, he previously created and starred in Loiter Squad, a sketch comedy show on Adult Swim that lasted three seasons. The Bodega Boys, Desus Nice and The Kid Mero will host the networks first ever late night show, they created the “Bodega Boys” podcast, “Desus vs. Mero” web series, and co-star on Charlemagne The God’s MTV show Uncommon Sense.

“Just six months in and Viceland is right on track,” said co-president Eddy Moretti. “We gave birth to a completely new brand — a unique voice with 100 percent Vice-produced content, that is attracting a young, smart, affluent audience. And today, more people are watching Vice-produced content on every possible screen than ever before. That’s insane, and insanely wonderful. Plus, we got two Emmy nominations out of the gate. It’s a sign that in just these first six months, Viceland is already a cultural player on the televisual dial. We couldn’t be more proud.”


Added president of programming Nick Weidenfeld: “I’m so proud of the what we have accomplished in just a few months since launching but there is much more work to be done. Our job is to give a platform to as many diverse and powerful voices as we can. No other network creates all its own content and brings together such disparate but important people. As we expand the talent pool, we’ll need to grow as a network, experimenting with genre and formats. There are no rules at Viceland, which makes it the most exciting place to work.”