This unwanted press Warner Music Group is about to receive is the type of news that can ruin a record label. Recently A New York federal judge has approved a class action lawsuit that has been filed by over 3,000 former interns of the label (wow). The lawsuit claims that the label blatantly violated the rights of the interns when it comes to overtime, minimum wage, and the Fair Labor Standard Act.

The lawsuit is not about to go away and is definitely not going to end quietly. Warner is facing the possibility of having to pay ALOT of money in backpay to their former interns, somewhere in the millions. This lawsuit will lead to major changes throughout the industry and how interns are handled. Kyle Grant, who was the first to step forward and make the complaint, brought on the lawsuit back in June, had this to say about his time as an intern at WMG:

“During the Plaintiffs term of employment, his duties primarily consisted of answering telephones, making photocopies, making deliveries, creating lists, preparing coffee, getting lunch for paid employees, running personal errands for paid employees, and other similar duties…”

via: Dancing Astronut and Digital Music News