Yesterday, it was announced that ESPN had suspended Stephen A. Smith from appearing on First Take for one week in the wake of his very poorly-expressed thoughts regarding Ray Rice’s two-game suspension, after he gave a heart-felt genuine apology for his mistake. Obviously, many people were out raged about Smith touching on the taboo subject, ESPN is a Disney owned company and had to take some action to show they had no tolerance for something said like that. But it also didn’t take long for people to point out the absurdity of a guy who stumbled all over his words about domestic violence to get suspended for essentially half the amount of time as the guy who actually knocked his then-fiancée out in an elevator ( one week to be exact)The subject was brought up the hit day time talk show “The View” and let’s just say Whoopi Goldberg had no issue voicing her opinion and pretty much backing up Steven A. Smith. Goldberg, who was the only host to survive her show’s “housecleaning,” repeatedly made the point on yesterday’s edition of The View that a woman should know that if she hits a man, like Rice’s then-fiancée admitted to doing, she should expect to be hit in return. The other female co-host on the show strongly disagreed saying that in no scenario should a man strike a female unless its life or death. Whelp Whoopi just talked over all of them and let it be known she also thinks a woman should keep her hands to her self and no provoke a man either. Watch the video above and also watch the clip that started all this controversy for Smith as well below.

Smith to Women: ‘Don’t Do Anything to Provoke’ Men Into Beating You

Steven A. Smith Apology: